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Are you a sole trader?  self-employment as a sole trader is often touted as the most straightforward and expedient path to start trading.

As a sole trader, there’s no separate legal entity apart from yourself, unlike a Limited Company. You retain full decision-making autonomy, and any profits accrued are solely yours, albeit subject to income tax and national insurance.

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With our affordable service, we handle the preparation of your annual accounts and self-assessment tax return, ensuring timely filing. Additionally, we provide guidance on tax optimization strategies, maximizing your entitlement to reliefs and allowances.

Our accounting service caters to sole traders at any stage, whether just starting out or seeking a change of accountant after years of operation.

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How do I register as a sole trader?

At Britsco Consulting, we can handle the registration process for you, ensuring it’s done correctly to avoid penalties and prosecution. Additionally, we can assist with completing your accounts and self-assessment tax returns, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your business.

Benefits of being a sole trader include low start-up costs, simplicity in initial setup, full control over business decisions, and the ability to retain all profits generated by the business.

Do I need to submit a tax return?

Yes, as a sole trader, you are required to submit a tax return. The tax year in the UK typically runs from April 6th to April 5th of the following year.

At Britsco Consulting, we specialise in completing accounts and tax returns for sole traders. Our aim is to ensure that your tax return is prepared and submitted ahead of the deadline, thus avoiding any late filing penalties. By entrusting us with this task, you can rest assured that your tax affairs are in compliance with HMRC regulations, allowing you to focus on your business with peace of mind.